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It's Hummer Time!  

Feed Woody!  

Squirrel Problems? 

Attract these flying jewels to Choose a suet feeder and Check out our large selection
our yard. We have the largest

attract those gorgeous

of squirrel-proof bird feeders
selection of hummingbird feeders woodpeckers to your yard  
in Canada    


 Bird Houses

Give them a Home

Watch Chickadees, Swallows, and
Bluebirds raise their young 


 Bird Bath

Let them Bathe and Drink

All birds need water and by providing a
bird bath you will attract a wide diversity
of birds 


 Bird Seed

Quality Seed and Suet

   We carry many varieties of seed and
   suet specially formulated for your
   hungry birds 


Do you know the right bird feeders and the best bird seed to use in your backyard? 

Have a desire for some   hummingbird feeders   to  attract more of those flying jewels to your garden?

Do you know how to choose a squirrel proof bird feeder to keep those pesky squirrels from monopolizing your bird feeder?

Would you like to experience nesting birds raising their young in your very own bird house just outside your window?

The Backyard Bird Centre of Port Moody, B.C., Canada has helped unlimited numbers of backyard birders experience the natural wonder of backyard birds. 

We are a specialty retail store which opened in 1995 and is located in Port Moody, British Columbia, (a suburb of Vancouver)  We cater to people who enjoy feeding birds in their backyard and pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of quality bird feeders in Canada-over 100 styles in stock at any given time

We're proud to carry the highest quality bird feeders from the following manufacturers: Arundale, Aspects,  Best One, Bird Brain, Bird Quest, Backyard Nature Products (recycled feeders), Brome (Squirrel Buster), Droll Yankee, Duncraft, Heritage Farms, Holland Hill, Lawrence Ruskin, Parasol, Perry's, Schrodt Designs, and Songbird Essentials.

Here at the Backyard Bird Centre you'll also find unique garden decor items such as high quality tuned wind chimes, functional bird houses, beautifully sculptured bird baths, dazzling stained glass, handcrafted jewelry, nature clothing, stationery, shade coffee.and thoughtfully chosen tiding stones for every occasion.

For more than nineteen years, our store has provided the products and expertise that have helped thousands in metropolitan Vancouver, B.C.  to enjoy their backyard birding hobby.

Why shop at our store?

Our bird seed is specially formulated for our local Vancouver and lower mainland birds unlike other store mixes that contain seeds like safflower that some eastern birds eat, but not ours in the west.

Our bird seed mixes don’t contain inexpensive filler seeds like milo or wheat that birds often discard onto the ground. And our seed is triple-cleaned which means you won’t pay for those sticks, chaff, and floor sweepings that you find in other pet stores and box stores.

In addition, because we bring a new seed load into our store every two weeks, our bird seed is the freshest and therefore most nutritious available. Many stores bring in a single large shipment of bird seed once a year. No wonder it often looks dusty and infested.

Our seed is always clean and fresh. We guarantee it!

To keep you coming back...

We offer several seed and suet programs that reward our loyal customers for their patronage.

All of our customers are automatically registered for the frequent buyer program which presents a free bag of seed after nine have been purchased. No time limit and no annoying membership card to carry-our computer tracks it automatically.

Our suet programs offer you a free suet for every four that you purchase.

At the Backyard Bird Centre, birds are our passion. You can trust us with their needs.

To place your order, use our 100% secure on-line order form, or call 778-216-9645. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and American Express, and ship throughout North America.

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We ship across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador

Celebrating 19 years 1995-2014


The Backyard Bird Centre

 249 Newport Drive

 Port Moody, B.C., Canada

 V3H 5C9

 Tel: 778-216-9645

 Fax: 778-216-9644



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